Story so far

We started out selling our speakers on Amazon UK and have delivered over 6000 speakers across the globe since we launched in January 2017. We recently made the decision to stop selling via Amazon and sell purely on our own website. This way we can have full control over the customer experience and the content on our site. 

We launched our cylinder speaker new via kickstarter, we generated £19,000.00/$26,000.00 worth of pre orders in just three weeks showing us there was a  

Prior to launching our first two products we found that most small size speakers currently available were not very loud . We also noticed that most loud speakers were very large in size and not aesthetically pleasing . So we worked with factories to bring speakers to the market that combined loud volume with small , compact , portable and stylish design .  

AVIOX was created in January 2017 by Allan Arinaitwe pictured above on the right.

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